Islamic eBook AL1000

An Islamic Encyclopedia

  • 7 inch color Touch LCD
  • Al Quran in Uthmanic Style
  • Quran Recitation by 7 famous Qaris/Reciters
  • Quran Translation in 30 Translations
  • Full Multimedia Support (Video, Audio, Images, Flash)
  • Islamic Books include Tafseer, Hadeeth, Islamic history, Dua/supplications books

Product Features

An Islamic ebook AL1000 with TFT 7 inch touch color LCD display is the complete Digital Islamic Encyclopedia having Quran translations in more than 30 foreign
languages; a collection of Tafaseer Books, Hadeeth Books, Islamic History books, Supplication & other Islamic Books.

Islamic Multimedia content and interactive Islamic Flash presentations makes it an ideal Islamic Encyclopedia for every home.

Product Features:

  • 7 inch color TFT LCD with Touch Screen
  • Slim, Compact and Light Weight Islamic ebook
  • Innovative design and Executive look
  • Quran in Uthmanic style and displayed same as the printed Quran with ayah highlighting and recitation in voice of different Reciters
  • Touch any Ayah on the page to start recitation from that Ayah
  • Multiple Ayahs can be read on one Page like book with audio
  • Complete Quran in digital format with translation and audio recitation with selection of Surah, Ayah, Translation and Reciters
  • Quran translation in 35 famous languages
  • Display of both Ayah and translation in one display
  • Image viewer to see images & photos of your choice
  • Tafaseer, Hadeeth, History & other Islamic Books
  • Read different Islamic eBooks
  • Prayer Timings, Qibla Direction for major cities of the world
  • MP3/Audio/Video Player
  • Flash Animation support

Product Details:



  The Amazing Qur’an in an amazing device.

Audio Recitation (Telawah):


The built-in speakers in Islamic ebook AL1000 let you listen to the beautiful Audio recitations (Telawah) of the Quran verse by verse for different famous Recitors (Qari). You can set the volume level during the Quran display and can also use an earphone.

Each Verse (Ayah) of every Surah is synchronized with the recitation audio of all the seven Qari.

  Following 7 famous Qari are pre-loaded in the device:
  • Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
  • Sheikh Mahir Al-Moaqeli
  • Sheihk Saad Al-Ghamidi
  • Ali bin Abdul Rahman Al Hudhaify
  • Sheikh Muhammad Ayoub
  • Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi
  • Ahmad Al-Ajmi
  The device also allows adding more Qari in the future.

Uthmanic Style:


Islamic ebook AL1000 displays Quran text in true Uthmanic style matching the popular Mushaf (printed Quran) from Saudi Arabia.

Each line/page starts and ends at the same character as in printed edition. This makes the Hafiz easier to remember based on his similar reading on the printed version.

The verse which is being recited is highlighted in different color making it easy to follow the recitation. Different Qari recitation audio is synchronized verse by verse with the text.

You can flip the page by dragging your finger on the screen in left or right direction for next and previous pages. Dragging the finger in up or down will increase or decrease the volume respectively.

Tap the small icon in the bottom-left corner to bring the toolbar which will also allow different options.


Al-Dhiker Quran Application:

The Al-Dhiker Quran application allows you to read/listen The Quran while splitting the screen in two halves. The upper half show the Arabic while the lower half shows its translation.
Every verse and its translation is synchronized with the audio recitation.

Variable Text Size:

The size of both the Arabic and its translation can be changed by tapping the + and - zoom buttons on the top left corner.

Translations in Different Languages:

The device comes pre-loaded with the translation of the meaning of the Quran in more than 30 translations which almost covers all major languages of the world.

Islamic eBooks

  Complete Islamic Library in your hand.

Most of the eBooks are in .jbk format which is a special format designed for this device. Books in Unicode text format can also be added by user for his personal eBooks collection.

Al-Quran Tafseer (Explanation of Quran):

Tafseer Ibne Katheer (Arabic), Tafseer Ibne Katheer (English), Tafseer Ibne Katheer (Urdu), Tafseer Al-Jalalain (Arabic), Tafseer Al-Jalalain (Indonesian), Tafseer Al-Qurtabi (Arabic), Tafseer Al-Tabari (Arabic)

Hadeeth Collection:

Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Arabic), Saheeh Al-Bukhari (English), Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Indonesian), Saheeh Al-Bukhari (Urdu), Saheeh Muslim (Arabic), Saheeh Muslim (Urdu), Riad-as-Salheen (Arabic), Riad-as-Salheen (English), Riad-as-Salheen (French), Sunnen Ibne Majja (Arabic), Sunnen Nissaie (Arabic),Sunnen Abu Dowood (Arabic), Sunnen Tirmizi (Arabic), Arabaeen Nawawi (Arabic and English), Hadeth Qudsi (Arabic)

Adhkar, Supplications and Other eBooks:

Qasas-ul-Anbia (Arabic), Al-Kabaer (Arabic), Al-Rahiq Al-Makhtum (Arabic), Belugh elmaram, Hisn-ul-Muslim (Arabic), Hisn-ul-Muslim (English), Ahakm Al-Tajweed

Multimedia Support

  Islamic Multimedia Collection



Now watch your video clips collection on a crisp and clear 7” colour LCD. Supported formats are .avi, .mpg and .mp4 etc.


The high quality audio playback capability on built-in speakers or the earphone, makes listening Islamic Nasheeds, Recitation and lectures a pleasant learning experience. Supported formats are .mp3 & .wma.


The integrated image viewer of the device user-interface makes viewing images on this device very convenient and easy. Whether, it is scan images of your books, natural scenery or Islamic calligraphy. Supported formats are .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png etc

Flash Files:

Flash files (.swf) is presently the best way of showing colourful, animated, rich and interactive content with images, text and audio. Flash is very useful for having content like:

  • Hajj and Umrah Guide
  • 99 Names of Allah
  • Quran Learning
  • Islamic Games etc

Prayer Time & Qibla Direction

  Daily Prayer times with Adhan alarm.



The Prayer Times and Qibla Direction can be displayed for almost all major cities around the world.

You can select your country first and then all major cities of that country will be listed for selection.

Prayer Times:

An easy to use interface for displaying automatic daily prayer times (Fajr, Shoruq, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha) for all major cities of the world.

Following settings or adjustments can be made for each pray time:

  • Adhan Alarm On/Off
  • Manual Time Adjustment
  • Adhan Alarm Delay Adjustment
  • Juristic (Madhab)

Qibla Direction:

The Qibla direction for your selected city is displayed with reference to the angle from the North. The Qibla direction is also shown graphically on screen.

To know the direction of Qibla, place the magnetic Qibla compass (comes with the device packing box) on a flat surface along with the device such that both North (on device and compass) are pointing in same direction.


Product Specifications

  All about the device in detail


400 MHz


7” Colour Digital Original Samsung


800 x 480 pixels




Stylus or Finger


Nand Flash 128 MB


64 MB


SDHC Mirco TF Card 4 GB (Can use up to 16 GB)

USB Ports:

Host: 1 Device: 1


Built in Speaker/ Audio Out


Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V (1500mA) [Compatible with Nokia BP-4L battery for E90/E71]

Battery Life:

3 to 6 hours


18.2 cm x 11.7 cm x 1.45 cm


250 g (Including Battery)


Leather Cover, Battery, Ear-phone, Qibla Compass, Manual


Gift Box with sliding cover.
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